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Helping animal caretakers rediscover their purpose, move from burnout to vitality, and connect deeply with the animals they care for.

Amy Lewis

Owner of Soulscape Holistic Wellness

If you’re like many animal caretakers, you crave a deeper connection with your pets and wish to find balance in your work. You might feel overwhelmed by stress, compassion fatigue, and health issues but still want to support others and strengthen your bond with your animals. I understand, and I'm here to help. I’ve had a deep connection with animals from an early age, feeling a unique bond with them because, like me, they didn’t have a voice. My connection with animals led me to become a veterinary technician, a rewarding role I dedicated myself to for about ten years. However, it took a significant toll on my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Discovering holistic health and energy healing changed my life. These practices helped me overcome my challenges and reinforced my belief in our interconnectedness. I observed that pets often took on their owners' illnesses due to their energetic connection. This realization inspired me to help others strengthen their human-animal relationships. My goal is to empower animal caretakers to rediscover their purpose, prevent burnout, and enhance their connection with the animals they care for. I combine my experience in animal care with holistic health practices for a comprehensive approach to healing and well-being. During a session with me, you can expect a blend of healing modalities tailored to your needs. Whether through coaching, energy healing, or animal communication, my approach is holistic and integrative. I’ve guided many animal caretakers to uncover their truth and witnessed amazing transformations. You’re next! Let me guide you on your healing journey, bridging the gap between you and your animals. Together, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship that benefits both you and your beloved companions. Follow my social media pages to stay updated on virtual classes and webinars.

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Do You and Your Pet Struggle with Anxiety?

I can help you and your pet overcome anxiety by getting to the root cause of the issue and fostering a deeper understanding between you both. Through personalized coaching and holistic healing techniques, I will guide you in identifying the underlying sources of anxiety and provide tools to address them effectively. By strengthening the bond between you and your pet, we will create a stress-free and harmonious environment where both of you can thrive.

Healing is a multi-faceted process, therefore, it is sometimes necessary to approach the healing process from a holistic standpoint. A holistic approach to health considers healing of the whole person, taking into account the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of our being, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Soulscape Holistic Wellness is dedicated to providing clients with affordable, individualized wellness solutions that are both enjoyable and validated by scientific research. Offering support, guidance, and alternative healing modalities to help bring the body, mind, and Spirit into balance and harmony while awakening the body to its natural healing abilities and aligning to our true authentic essence.


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Animal Connection Coaching

My coaching services cater to both animal care professionals and pet parents, helping you rediscover your purpose and enhance your connection with animals. I offer personalized self-care strategies incorporating holistic healing modalities tailored to your needs.

I teach energy grounding to manage the emotional and physical demands of animal care. My sessions include energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, visualization, positive affirmations, and tapping techniques (EFT) to promote relaxation, balance, and resilience.

Additionally, I teach animal communication techniques to strengthen your bond with your pets. By interpreting your pet's behavior and emotions, you can enhance your relationship and their well-being.

My goal is to enhance your resilience, prevent burnout, and empower you to thrive. By taking care of yourself, you can better care for the animals that rely on you, enriching both your lives.

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In-Home Pet-Sitting

Are you planning a vacation and looking for a safe, comfortable place for your beloved pet? Consider overnight boarding at my home, where your furry friend will experience the peace and security of a true home away from home. To ensure personalized care, I keep my boarding numbers low, giving extra attention to each guest.

For pets who feel more comfortable in their own environment, I offer daily check-in visits, scheduled 1-2 times per day, tailored to meet your pet's specific needs. These visits range from 20-60 minutes, ensuring your pet receives the care and companionship they need.

Additionally, you can enhance your pet's stay with optional services such as Reiki or massage, providing extra care and relaxation. Your pet's well-being is my top priority, and I am dedicated to offering the highest level of personalized care. Servicing Winter Haven, FL and surrounding areas. Visit

for more information.


Animal Communication

Do you ever find yourself wondering what your beloved pet is thinking or feeling? Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your pet's behaviors, health conditions, or emotional well-being? Perhaps you long to connect with a cherished companion who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Animal communication offers a bridge of understanding between you and your furry, feathered, or scaly friends. An experienced animal communicator can help you unravel the mysteries of your pet's inner word and strengthen the bond you share.

Animal Massage and Reiki

Animal Healing Services

Reiki, Sound Healing, Massage

Animals with their heightened sensitivity and intuitive nature, are often regarded as mirrors to our emotions and energy. The energetic connection between humans and animals goes beyond mere companionship; it is a shared vibrational resonance. As an animal intuitive, I recognize the profound bond between human and animal energies, and offer specialized Reiki and sound healing sessions tailored to the needs of both. Through these gentle modalities, animals can experience deep relaxation, emotional balance, and physical well-being, harmonizing their energies with ours. Additionally, I extend the healing touch of animal massage, a holistic practice particularly beneficial for conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and hospice care, offering comfort and relief to our furry friends in need.

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Reiki Therapy

In-person, distant, and virtual appointments are available.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that restores balance and harmony within the body. It can be a deeply relaxing experience, clearing energy blockages and promoting the body's natural healing process to restore health and vitality.

Benefits Include:

Improve Depression & Anxiety

Lower Blood Pressure

Improve Insomnia

Lower Stress

Relieve Pain

and more!

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